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Initiative Update | Clinician Burnout Assessment: Proposed Project Strategy | 02.11.19

Background Update

Over the last five years, the American Medical Association has established itself as a collaborator and leader in researching, advocating, and addressing issues that lead to physician burnout. Physician burnout is widely reported in U.S. physicians—with some research estimating that more than 50% of the nation’s physicians are burnt out. Physician burnout has serious wide-ranging consequences and is largely driven by system-level issues such as workplace chaos, electronic health records, high workloads, and documentation requirements. Therefore, system-level solutions are required to prevent burnout and enhance physician well-being. Leaders in medicine around the country have the responsibility to build a culture that supports physician well-being and to identify—and mitigate—drivers of burnout in their own organizations.

The Health Care Council of Chicago (HC3) is pursuing a collaborative project with the American Medical Association, the Illinois Primary Health Care Association, and the Illinois Hospital Association to assess physician burnout in the state of Illinois. This unique collaboration would ensure a robust assessment of physician burnout throughout the city and will allow HC3, IHA, and IPHCA to actively identify strategic priorities to reduce burnout in Illinois physicians.

Strategic Aims

This collaborative project will have three overarching strategic aims.

  1. Assess the well-being of the physician/advanced practitioner workforce in Illinois by using a validated burnout assessment tool (Mini-Z).

  2. Identify major drivers of burnout in Illinois physicians and advanced practitioners.

  3. Equip HC3, IHA, and IPHCA with education and materials to meaningfully discuss the state of physician well-being in Illinois and to help practice sites develop interventions to address burnout.

About the Mini-Z

The Mini-Z assessment, developed by Mark Linzer, MD and team at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, MN, and licensed by the AMA, is a validated survey tool designed to measure physician well-being and satisfaction. The Mini-Z 2.0 is comprised of 10 items and one open ended question. Additional information about the Mini-Z will be provided by the AMA.

Timeline and Next Steps – Currently TBD*

*COVID-19 has stalled this effort, please check back for additional updates and next steps accordingly.


  • AMA (American Medical Association)

  • IHA (Illinois Health and Hospital Association)

  • IPHCA (Illinois Primary Health Care Association)


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