HC3 Initiatives 

Chicago’s health care leaders and businesses have an important role in advancing opportunities at the cross-section of economic development, system transformation, and health disparities.

Everything we do is pursued by channeling the diverse and multi-sectoral coalition of health care leaders throughout the city to strengthen, reinforce, or fill empty space for critical economic and civic objectives to advance the entire community’s collective interest in a vibrant, cutting-edge and healthy Chicago.

To learn more about the progress of HC3 initiatives, please visit our News and Insights page and select “Initiatives.”

Clinician Burnout Assessment

This is a collaboration with the American Medical Association (AMA) and local provider associations to disseminate a burnout assessment to facility leaders throughout the market.  The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our plans for a city and state-wide assessment.  We have pivoted our discussions with the AMA to discuss other opportunities to understand and address this issue at the local level as we recover from the crisis.

Status: In progress


Health Care Work Force Development Program

HC3 convened a workgroup to explore the possibility of cultivating educational and training programs that  focus on development opportunities in the health care industry for disadvantaged youth.  In partnership with community-based organizations and members of HC3, we have developed concepts for some pilot projects to enhance our economic footprint in Chicago.  These efforts continue to be reviewed by our Economic Development Pillar Committee.

Status: In progress


Trauma Informed Population Health Model

A collective of HC3 Members and Community Partners--Michael Reese Trust, Acclivus, Forward Health Group, Now Pow--are coordinating efforts to accelerate the development of a trauma informed population health model that would cater to families and patients who are afflicted by violence in our city’s most vulnerable communities.

Status: In progress


Safety Net

Chicago’s safety net system plays an indispensable role in supporting the health of our most vulnerable communities. The system is uniquely engineered for supporting the health and well-being of our neighborhoods, but without a significant effort of coordinated, thoughtful, and deliberate action, it is bound for significant decline in five years.  HC3 is exploring opportunities through policy, systemic restructuring and community engagement to disrupt the system to better serve our local communities. 

Status: Ongoing


State-Wide ADT Initiative 

In collaboration with AVIA’s Medicaid Transformation Project, we convened health systems and community health centers that agreed to collaborate on establishing principles, technology characteristics, and funding solutions that would support a statewide ADT system. In partnership with Medical Home Network, we responded to the state’s RFP in 2020 and did not get selected to move forward.

Status: Complete 


Coalition Assessment

Coming soon... 

Status: In Development


Anti-Racism in Health

Coming soon... 

Status: In Development