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Chicago’s health care leaders and businesses have an important role in advancing opportunities at the cross-section of economic development, system transformation, and health disparities.

Everything we do is pursued by channeling the diverse and multi-sectoral coalition of health care leaders throughout the city to strengthen, reinforce, or fill empty space for critical economic and civic objectives to advance the entire community’s collective interest in a vibrant, cutting-edge and healthy Chicago.

To learn more about the progress of HC3 initiatives, please visit our News and Insights page and select “Initiatives.”

Health Care Work Force Development

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and work in ways that we could not have predicted prior to 2020.  As businesses are ready to shift from managing through the pandemic’s crisis to adapting to the ongoing challenges of an endemic infection, leaders across the board are now turning their attention to matters other than COVID-19, attempting to incorporate sustainable strategies that build trust and invest in their current employees while endeavoring to fill vacant positions.  HC3 is collaborating and working closely with various community and business partners to address how we leverage resources to catalyze sustainable, durable workforce solutions that can influence and help rebuild Chicago’s healthcare ecosystem.    

Status: In progress


Violence as a Public Health Focus

A collective of HC3 Members and Community Partners are coordinating efforts to accelerate the development of a trauma-informed population health model that would cater to families and patients who are afflicted by violence in our city’s most vulnerable communities.

Community Partner: Acclivus

Status: In progress


Safety Net

Chicago’s safety net system plays an indispensable role in supporting the health of our most vulnerable communities. The system is uniquely engineered for supporting the health and well-being of our neighborhoods, but without a significant effort of coordinated, thoughtful, and deliberate action, it is bound for significant decline in five years.  HC3 is exploring opportunities through policy, systemic restructuring and community engagement to disrupt the system to better serve our local communities. 

Community Partner: South Side Health (in development)

Status: In progress


Trauma Informed Network for Community Resilience

Trauma is ubiquitously experienced by most people during their life, but the circumstances of the traumatic event and the residual effects on people vary considerably. The COVID-19 pandemic is an inherently traumatic event of unprecedented scale and scope, with hundreds of millions of people experiencing the death and severe illness of loved ones as well as the fear of contracting the disease themselves. It is very difficult for a person who has experienced trauma to gauge for themselves how to protect their mental health, and then access the appropriate care. This process is very complex for many reasons, including stigma, and is made even more challenging for those living in lower-income communities where resources may be scarce and the stigma of seeking mental-health care is high.

Primo Center and community partners are in the process of establishing a first-of-its-kind trauma-informed network that is singularly focused on supporting individuals who have experienced a traumatic life experience with qualified, community-based resources that support healing and recovery.

The Trauma Informed Network for Community Resilience (TINCR) would be designed to provide a digitally-enabled point of connection for individuals seeking support after a traumatic event and link such individuals to high-quality resources.

Community Partners: Primo Center For Women and Children

Status: Pending Funding

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