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Creating change is more than meetings and networking. It’s action. HC3 members drive action. HC3 members represent a variety of stakeholders from the health care industry in Chicago, ranging from hospitals and providers to investors and marketers. Together, we’re making an impact and driving real health care change in our local communities.


The HC3 membership structure accommodates five types of membership leading with Institutional support based on annual revenue. HC3 Member companies and their direct employees have access to our exclusive membership benefits and opportunities.


Membership Levels

Participation in HC3 is open to all organizations and companies that maintain a physical presence in Chicago and are invested in building a healthier local community.

The Health Care Council of Chicago is an Organization that limits barriers to participation by ensuring an affordable and accessible membership assessment, while also imposing a sufficient fee to support the group’s collective activities and ensure a sufficient economic investment exists to incent participation.


Individuals and/or

institutions affiliated with

governmental or




Individuals who

participate outside of an

institution* and serve a

senior role and function;

Individuals who operate

independently as seniorlevel


Growth Stage

Companies that are earlier

in their growth trajectory

and are not yet

generating profit. May

identify (3) primaries to

participate in HC3’s

strategic endeavors.


Companies with annual

revenue under $20M. May

identify (6) primaries to

participate in HC3’s

strategic endeavors.


Companies with annual

revenue over $20M. May

identify (9) primaries to

participate in HC3’s

strategic endeavors.


HC3 Primaries

The Health Care Council of Chicago’s success hinges on having representatives of substance at the table. As such, membership requires the delegation of their primary points of contact (HC3 Primaries) to occupy a senior role within their organization and have the capacity to add demonstrable value to the Organization by virtue of their current role or business, their system acumen, or other facets of their background.  HC3 primaries are granted privileged access to HC3’s pillar committees, initiatives and planning.  


HC3 Pillar Committees

The Health Care Council of Chicago’s Pillar Committees are comprised of HC3 Primaries* from HC3 Member Organizations. Committee Members are expected to participate in committee meetings, offer leadership and guidance to current and potential initiatives, as well as contribute to the overall growth and strategy to support HC3’s mission and vision.


HC3 membership requires approval by HC3 managing staff in order to ensure prospective members are joining at the appropriate membership level. Individuals or institutions requesting membership should submit membership application to Meghan Phillipp, Executive Director of HC3 at Meghan@HC3.Health

*Some committees and initiatives may require expertise from non-executive level staff at member institutions, in addition to non-member partners.  Appointees from member companies will receive approval from HC3 staff.  Non-member participants will be vetted by HC3 staff.


Working Together 

HC3 exists in response to our members’ desire to impact health related issues and are a vehicle for our city’s health care leaders to create true change and impact the conditions that determine health in our city.

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