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Event Recap | State of Chicago Healthcare | 02.25.20

On February 25, HC3 released of the third edition of the Health Care Council of Chicago's annual report: 2018-2019 State of Chicago Health Care.

At this event we discussed national and local trends on policy, capital formation, innovation and health disparities. David Smith, founder and CEO of Third Horizon Strategies, and co-founder of the Health Care Council of Chicago provided an executive summary, followed by a panel discussion with health care thought leaders highlighting trends and expectations across the industry in 2020.

Guest speakers

Cristal Gary, Principal, Leavitt Partners

Michelle Hoffman, Senior Vice President, Health and Life Sciences, P33

Jim Kiamos, CEO, Chief Executive Officer, CountyCare Health Plan

Margie Schaps, Executive Director, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group

News Coverage


Health News Illinois, February 26, 2020 | Link to Article

Access the report below:

HC3 State of Chicago Health Care 2018-20
Download • 4.40MB


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