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Initiative Update | Clinician Burnout Assessment | 09.25.19


The AMA team would create a Clinician Burnout Assessment Mini-Z survey to be distributed into the field for 4-6 week in partnership with HC3 through targeted outreach to the IHA and IPHCA provider networks. The survey would include 10 objectives, plus one open-ended question.

Over the course of the 4-6 week period, there will be weekly updates tracking participation. Upon closing the survey, an aggregate roll up of data will be benchmarked. AMA will stratify the data at different levels. Based upon participation* of groups/institutions additional data sets can be developed and shared accordingly with those entities. *If there’s not enough responses for a specific entity there may not be enough data to aggregate. This could potentially incentivize participation with having target amounts to reach to receive this benefit.

Next Steps


Reps from IHA and IPHCA will share the opportunity to participate with their leadership for approval to participate. CMO meetings typically happen quarterly with both organizations, and this opportunity will be presented accordingly. Once all approvals have been met, we will continue to ensure alignment with each association’s current strategic goals, as well as consider potential practice transformation programming to respond to the outcomes.

Development and Implementation

HC3 will assist the AMA to identify stakeholders to support the development of questions and implementation of the assessment. Michael Barbouche (Forward Health Group Co) will be included in these discussions to collaborate and enhance the system’s utility to address the overall goals of this assessment. The operational pieces discussed for development are:

  • customized links to share the assessment

  • mobile friendly application usage

  • universal language to support the promotion of participation and purpose

  • dates and follow up time frames

  • data sharing agreements

  • gain access to existing data to enhance the end results

Final Outcomes

The timing and outcomes of the aggregated results will dictate what a potential finalized produce could look like – eg. Full report and/or white paper, as well as where it will be shared along with potential support efforts to address any rising trends of concern.


The following organizations participated in an initial discussion on September 24, 2019 to determine general viability and to establish the parameters that would be associated with ongoing collaboration:

  • AMA (American Medical Association)

  • IHA (Illinois Health and Hospital Association)

  • IPHCA (Illinois Primary Health Care Association)

Next Steps

  • Approval and support from participating partners*

  • Development of platform/questions and ready for implementation

  • Roll out the assessment

  • Data wrap up/shared results

*Some entities have already done an assessment (eg. Some of the FQHCs of Alliance Chicago), we will be coordinating efforts not replicate this work and roll this up into the overall assessment data.


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